101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Zare

Species: Canine

Shape: Quadrapedic

Breed: Great Dane

Eye color(s): Brown

Age: 13 (dog years), looks older

Gender: Male

Size: Average

Spouse: None

Appearance: Harlequin-coated(a variety of great dane fur coat), signigicant spot: a circle around an oval spot, closely resembling an eye, on the back of his head.  (the third eye?)

Background: Zare is a calm and collected pup who was placed on the farm by his previous owners due to economic priorities.  The farm had a good renome for being a healthy place for social developement among dogs, so it was only natural of his owners to put him there, as they only had best intents for their little pup.

Zare is a down to earth pup with a serious tone.  He is gentle, but bitter.  His most characteristic traits are his wits and sharp tongue.  While not being much of a speaker, he has a natural charismatic ability in discussions and is a talented debatist.  He likes watching Tv, mainly the news, which he can watch several hours a day straight, and has been exposed to his share of litterature.  This gives his ideas a strong fundamental knowledge.  His name is derived from "Lazarus," the religious term for unexpected ressurection, which is ironic, considering how Zare show's a general distrust toward religion.  But he still got a spiritual side to his philosophy, although it is rooted firmly in logic.  If something/someone annoys him he rarely hesitates to commentit.

He's of Danish descent

He's heterosexual

He had a general dislike toward most daytime-TV

He has a soft spot for girls

He's a fan of Folk/Blues rock

His name is pronounced "Za-ruh"