101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Zarcon

Gender: Male

Age: ?

Breed: Kre'Iax an alien race

Shape: Anthromorphic (He's an alien that walks on two feet)

Eyes color: Green

Description: He's the leader of the Kre'Lax, an alien war race pretty much, who plans on destroying their competition, which is pretty much everyone in other words, they're evil

Appearance: A lizard like alien whom wears armor and weilds two alien swords.  He is a rather expectional fighter too, surpassing Valria in combat

Likes: Having power

Hates: All, espeically Valria and her race.

Goals: To destroy his competition, espeically the Xeronions, Valeria and her race basically Earth as well.  In other words, he's being made as part of Valeria's side, an enemy of her and her race.