101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: zara

Gender: Female

Breed: Dalmatian

Eyes: Grey

Age: About the same as the other pups

Height: Same height as the others

Appearance : Her spots are more closer together, and yet there are more of them, so to speak, but yet, still parts of her are white so to speak.  Her face though, well, she pretty much always looks uninterested, but yet, never yells either.

Description: She has the touch of death.  Whatever she touches will die.  Yet, she can control the power, thing is though, she uses it for her fun and enjoyment, killing anything really, insects, animals, tree, water, grass, whatever she wants to, she finds enjoyment out of doing that.  And when I mean kill anything, I mean anything, well, exception of demons and immortal characters, for example, if she were to touch water, the water would disolve/evaporate.  If she were to touch a squirrel, for example, the life of the squirrel would drain away and it would die so to speak, but it depends on how long she touches it for, as in, if she stops before the squirrel dies, it would live, but would be weakend, etc. etc.  She hates company too, she's rather unfriendly, gives everyone the cold shoulder too so to speak.

Likes: Using her powers to kill things, that's her enjoyment.

Dislikes: Pretty much everyone and everything in her own way, so to speak.

Friends: No one

Enemies: No one, she doesn't waste time making enemies either.

Loves: No one

Goal(s): None