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Xeno Wars was an in the works 101 Dalmatian written by TemhotaTech.

It seemed just like an ordinary day at the dearly farm, which ended quickly with an alien invasion. During the invasion, the 99 pups, and the farm animals are captured and to be processed as food for the alien's offspring.


Characters and Races[]


The Eight Powers[]

Eight powerful, and violent warlike alien races. The Eight Powers have waged war amongst each other for centuries, leaving their devastation across the galaxy, forcing most other races to become mere scavengers.

Mytre []

The Mytre are a race of lamprey-like aliens. Lacking limbs, the Mytre use skeletal exo-suits, and mechs for movement, and combat. Mytre war machines don't have strong armor, and can be broken apart by machine gun fire. But their weapons can do a lot of damage, and they can swarm the battlefield with heavy weaponry. They prefer to win their battles with wars of attrition.