101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Wolfblade Takashi

Height: 5'-11'

Weight: 155lbs

Race: Desert Wolf

Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Techs: Elemental knight Magicks.

Physique: Lightly built, agile, tough

Mental state: Intelligent, not easily suprised, if angered may go bersek.

Alignment: Elemental Knights

Armor: A light vest with an ammo belt and a pair of jeans.

Weapons: Very light in arms but carries one sword that launches fire, ice, lighting, wind, water, earth, light and darkness waves.  Also two twin assault riffles.

Transport: N-1 class blade star fighter Special.  Shields: moderate, weapons: twin particle, cannons clutser missles, regular blasters,

Armor: Light yet tough.  Controls: Standard

History: Wolfblade was born on Earth with the power of darkness at first but at the age of 15 he was blessed with the powers of the other seven Elemental Knights after they died trying to save the planet.  They came to him in ghost form and he swore an oath to vengeance on the one who killed them.  To this day Wolf looks back and is saddened to the loss of his fellow clan's men.  Wolfblade knows who killed them his name is Sigurd.  He is a heartless villian bent on destroying anyone who apposes him.  His sword was infused with all of the elements and an elemental crystal.  The crystal purpose was to enhance the capabilities of the elements.  It did but with serious consequences the sword every time used drains Wolf's life force.  It is a very heavy burden but Wolf has lived for thousands of years he's actually forgotten how old he really is.