101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Walker

Age: Same as the others

Height: Same as all the others

Gender:: Male

Species: Dalmatian

Appearance: His spots are random on his body, but the easy to spot him point is that the front quarter of his muzzle is black.

Description: Lived as a normal pup at first, but after he broke stuff in Swamp Rat's store he had to work for Swamp Rat until he can pay it back.  Some people say that's he long since payed off for what he broke and he's still working for the love of it.  But no one's been able to confirm this.

Personality: He speaks in a 1940's London cockney (not like the way they speak in Mary Poppins).  When he tries and sells stuff he does it in the manner of a black market spiv.  But when people really do need the supplies he selling, he is willing to give it to them Half price.

Likes: Anyone as long as they have enough to pay with.

Goal: Sell Stuff