101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Volkner Faust

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Family: Amaranth Faust (half sister), Jay Faust (half brother), Sigurd Faust (Father), Sylia-unknown surname-- (Mother), Fay Bellerose (Mate)

Appearance: Wears a gothic style cross around his neck.  Black"socks" on feet and hands, the upper half of which resembles flames.  Smaller spots cover the rest of his coat.  His ears are black , and he has blue eyes..

Neutral Mode Appearance: When in netral mode, his left eye turns red, he has a black wing resembling a dragon on his left and one white one on his right, that resembles an angel's.

Dark Mode Appearance: Both eyes turn red, and has black dragon like wings.

Light Mode Appearance: has white angelic wings and crystal blue eyes.

Bio: Born the son of Sylia and Sigurd, his mother, knowing she would soon had to leave him, left him with a trusted friend.  Sigurd, but the evil man he is, killed the surrogate mother, and THOUGHT he had killed Volkner as well.  Sigurd had a daughter and a son with another woman, and Volkner soon discovered he had half siblings.  His sister, Amaranth grew close to him, but Jay became corrupted and twisted like his father.  Volkner thought he had killed both Jay and Sigurd, knocking them off of a steep ledge after they attempted to kill Volkner, Amaranth and their friends.  They both, however, were fine.  He did not realize that they wereundead.  He uses the "Sword of Chronos" as his weapon,  and seems to have a history with Wolfblade Tasashi and Kyne Flamecoat.

Sword of Chronos: Chronos was a large fearsome beast that terrorized certain people, until one day, the brought him down.  They forged a sword out of his right fan and femur.  Some say his essence inhabits the sword, and it has the ability to absorb the soul of those who ar ekilled with it.  After being absorbed, the soul can be either fired out as a projectile weapon, or be drained of energy and reeased to enhance the sword's abilities for a brief period of time.