101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Vladimir

Breed: Wolf

Age: 16 dog years

Appearance: Dark grey fur, close to black; gold eyes

Personality: Very passionate for his loved ones and will defend his pack any way he could.  He can get violent but only if he has to.

Backstory: He knew Sylvia before since they were cubs.  They weren't in the same pack but occasionally they met when both packs go through territory boundaries (sometimes happens while chasing down prey) and since then they have been great friends.  Years later, he has to move out of the pack to find a mate and begin a pack of his own, he thought Sylvia is potential but when he saw what happened to her territory, he thought she may had died just like the rest of the pack and her home.  So he still searches unaware that Sylvia is still alive.  Eventually he reaches Dearly Farm hoping he would find someone there.