101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Trixie

Gender: Female

Species: Dalmatian

Age: Same as other pups

Height/weight: Roughly the same as some of the girls

Eyes: Blue

Fur: Black and White

Description: Most, if not all her spots are rather random, except for one spot that seems to be stripped on her right ear.

Collar: Blue

Personality: She's a pup that likes to sing and act, but just for fun so to speak, not competition wise or anything like that,  mor does she consider herself great, persay.

History: She was on a movie set once as an extra to do a shoot of a action/romance type of movie in Gruetly, however, that's when things went bad as Purge decided to show up and have some fun and all, I guess it was to pass away the time persay for him.  He basically had killed everyone, except for Trixie whom managed to escape with the help of Frenzy, whom came a little too late to save the others.  Frenzy managed to win the round against Purge before helping out Trixie, telling her about the farm and what have you, saying that she could stay there for the time being.  So she decided to go and check out the farm and all, and before you knew it, she quite liked it there, enough to want to stay.

Orientation: Bi

Likes: Movies (the good ones), singing, acting and just hanging out more or less

Dislikes: Rather bad movies (she can't see any talent in them), a lot of exercise, Purge (for what he had done), Sabrina (for her more stuck up attitude to others that can't sing like her).

Friends: Frenzy, Zoe, Drake, Kasey, Luna, Ember, Nemo, Envi, Blossom,  Dolly (and others I pl;an to add on)

Loves: Nemo