101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Trisha

Age: About the same as the other pups.

Appearance: She is a very beautiful pup.  Her spots are sort of random and both her ears are all black.  She has blue eyes and mostly wears a heart shaped chain around her neck.

Personality: She is a very friendly pup who always wants to make friends and play games.  But, she has one problem although she is really nice she is kind of a spoiled princess.  She is kind of a diva and could talk about herself for hours and hours.  She has a lot of friends but it's hard for her to make new ones because of her "It's all about me" attitude.

Loves: Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, singing, making people smile, being reconzied, being in the spotlight, Flowers, Rainbows,

Hates: Swimming, not being the center of attention, being ignored.