Kre'Iax Warriors: All weild at least two swords, and look like lizards of course aand are average fighters, but can still be beaten.  They stand on two legs too.  They also wear armor to protect themselves.

Kre'Iax Brutes: Basically, much more formidibale foes than normal warriors, as they are bigger in size, weilding a large double sided axe and are rather difficult to take down, takes quite a bit of firepower and all to take them down.

Draigoons: And yes, that's how they're spelt, they are like normal dragons, except that their scales are much more tougher, that of diamonds and look like lizrd like creatures.  Zarcon is able to keep them under control with a certain frequency that only he knows about, him and the Kre'Iax scientists that is.  As if they were to not be controlled, they would be even more dangerous, their actions unpredictable really.

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