101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Tammy

Species: Canine

Shape: Quadrapedic

Breed: Dalmatian

Colors: White with black spots

Eye color(s): Black

Age: 13 (dog years)

Gender: Female

Height: 1 foot (from shoulders down)

Weight: 4 lbs

Special Ability: Charmer, vindictive

Weight Classification: Lightweight

Demeanor: Self-Defensive

Alignment: Formerly Evil, now Heroic

Background: Tammy and her best friend Ophelia were originary a pair of 'devil-may-care' theives.  They basically stole from whoever wasn't watching on the streets to survive.  Their lives changed once they had heard of the HeartBreakers gang and their ambitions to seize control of Dearly Farm.  They aspired to join the villainous primarily-female gang.  Having finallygotten the chance to meet Diana, they requested entry.  Feeling a pair of thieves would prove benefical to the HeartBreakers constantly growing roster of mercenaries, Diana welcomed them into the gang.  Tammy and Ophelia would steal from around the farm to win Diana's favor.  One day, however, an event occured that meant Tammy's previous lifestyle would never be the same.  One day Tammy was out in the fields of the farm when she heard some ear-piercing screams.  Sounding feminine, Tammy felt it would be someone she would aid only if they pledged themselves to Diana.  She ran to the scene but was astonished to discover Ophelia had been ripped to shreds.  Devastated by her friend's death, Tammy wanted to severely punish whoever was responsible.  Having presented her case to Diana, the HeartBreakers gang leader seemed to go along with it but later on that day, she overheard Emma and Thompson talking about how they heard Ophelia was trying to hit on Rob.  She listened in on some more of the story and happened to find blood soaked tissues inside a garbage can.  It was clear to her what happened: Ophelia had tried to hit on the gang leader's man, and Emma and Thompson had told Diana about it.  Diana then ordered Fang to wait until she was alone and then tear her apart.  At this time, Tammy knew she had chosen the wrong side.  She has since then left the HeartBreakers, vowing to one day destroy the villainous gang.  The heroes welcomed her into their team of heroes, but they still remain somewhat distrustful and want her to defeat the HeartBreakers for a less personal reason.  Having put a price on her head, Diana has made her a public enemy ever since.

Appearance: Regular sized female dalmatian.  She always wears Ophelia's light blue wristband as a reminder of Diana's terrible crime.

Voice actor: Still deciding