101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: T-5.0

Gender Female

Breed: Dalmatian/cyborg, uses the Dalmatian coat as a skin, so to speak

Eyes: Blue

Age: Unknown

Height: A little shorter than Drake, but by only a few cm

Collar: N/A

Relatives: N/A

Appearance: She looks like a regular normal female Dalmatian actually, except one earis black and the other white.

Description: Sent from the future by Drake, to the past to keep him alive as one mission and to destroy Data ad well, as in the future which could happen, Data has taken control of the human race, turning Earth into a desemated wasteland.  So Drake from the future, sent her back to the past to stop Data and to keep Drake alive, as if he were killed in the present, she may not even exist and won't be able to stop Data.

Likes: N/a, except to do her missions, so to speak

Dislikes: Technically no one, but all who would oppose Drake, especially Data

Friends: Technically it's Drake so far.

Loves: N/A

Her expressions do remain the same most of the time, rather serious in a manner of speaking too, but is also capable of human emotions.  She can also scan the area around her and detect threats, like low, high, etc, etc and can also find out DNA by tasting blood.  And what's more, can tell who ones are from voice records.  And yes, she only goes by her model number, which is T-5.0 as she doesn't have a true name.  Oh yeah, and what's more, no one would actually know she's a cyborg unless she, or someone else, were to say so, otherwise, she just looks like a normal dog to everyone else