101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Sylvia

Race: Wolf

Age: 15(Dog years)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Pale grey fur, blue eyes

Personality: She is very cold to strangers and it is hard to earn her trust.  However, once someone befriends her, she will do what it takes to defend the ones she trusts.  She is very fond of gemstones and loves dragons, she can easily translate dragon scripts.

Backstory: The pack that she had once belonged in was a strong proud race, there were one of the most succeessful of packs and they were one of the only packs who know the history of the dragon race and what happened to their existence.  All was well until humans moved in, they wanted the land and there was no way the wolves are going to give it up without a fight.  Her mother told her to hide in the den while they try to fight the humans off.  Sylvia obediently did what her mother told her and hoped for the best but feared the worst.  She was scared as she heard bangs on the other side of her homeland.  She eventually walked outside, only to find the trees and animals,even  her family gone forever.  Years later, she has trained herself to become one of the fastest and strongest wolves worldwide.  Although her mind tells her to get revenge, her spirit knows that it will only result in loss.  She doesn't know what to do so she has taken refuge into hiding in the forest next to the farm full of dalmatian puppies.  She doesn't like it that much, the chickens in the barn don't taste half as good as the deer and elk in her homeland.