101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Stealth

Gender: Female

Size: About the same as Lucky

Weight: Medium

Type: Quadrapedic ( but able to stand on her hind legs)

Demeanor: Aggressive

Alignment: Evil

Bio: Stealth is a warrior pup.  She's a trained fighter and very strong, skilled and agile.  She almost never smiles.  She has no friends (or any interest in making friends with anyone) except for Diana.  If any pup tries to come in contact with her, she's the type who will take them out like they won't believe!

Appearance: Stealth has two white ears each with a black stripe across it.  She has a silver spiked collar, two spiked wrist bands on her front paws, a red headband, brown eyes, and a little bit of a hair-do.  Her spot pattern is like any typical Dearly Dalmatian spot pattern.

Background: The reason Stealth is so evil is because when she was a little puppy, other puppies would pick on her, and they would continue to do it because they had fun doing it.  Stealth didn't like how other pups treated her, so she got really frustrated and committed violence on them.  Of course, she always got in trouble for what she did, but the bullies got away with what they did, which she found was unfair.  Eventually, she was fed up with it.  She decided to run away from home, no longer attempting to make friends and trained to be an aggressive fighting monster.  She never made friends with anyone, and since she became the fighting machine, every pup who saw her ran away in fear.  Until she met Diana who was interested in having her be on her side as a muscule.  From that point on, Stealth decided to have friends with the HeartBreakers, but nobody outside