101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Stark

Species: Dalmatian

Sex: Male

Fur Color: Black and White spots

Eye color: Dark blue

Height: Roughly the same height as others

Weight: Same as the others, but with his suit on, a bit heavier, by only a few kgs

Voice Actor: Robert Downey Jr

History: He is, somewhat of a genius, having created armor to use and fight withone,  in particular, a silver, metalic like suit with various weapons.  However, not much else is actually known about him really.

Description: He looks like a normal Dalmatian, except for a few scratches here and there, but when he puts on his armor suit, he looks complety different, a sliver metalic like color which also has various weapons, mainly the unibeam, rockets and repulsers.  His strength is also increased too when he is inside the suit and what's more, he had designed the suit with a built in voice activator to only activate by the sound of his voice saying the code.  The Arc reactor is what keeps the suit active as well and is the core power of it.  What's more, no one actually knows that Stark is in fact the Silver Knight, they all think that he is someone else, and that Stark isn't capable of heroic feats such as that.  Apart from looking like a normal pup so to speak he has a spot pattern that looks like the Arc reactor on his chest area.

Friends: Most

Hates: Eh, all the bad guys more or less

Loves: No one at the moment