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Star is a character that originally Jake and Two-Tone made up in a Rp.  She's technically not a dalmatian.  She is a clone that was made with a cloning machine that Tic-Tac made, but never really used.  But of course Tac's not supposed to know about that.  Star was made by DNA of Lucky, Two-Tone, Cadpig and Jewel.  She has Lucky's eyes about the size of Cadpig, A slim body like Jewel, And a spot on her cheek from Two-Tone, and inherited something from Tac but no one knows what it is yet.

She has her own personality and is in love with Lucky.

Star is the youngest on the farm, and is like a little sister to everyone.  She does not know many things about life yet, And is bound to get into trouble if she is left alone so she spends most of her time with Lucky.

Most of the dalmatians try keeping Star away from Tic-Tac as much as possible because she could be turned against him, and who else has the oportunity to sniff him out than the one that he trusts the most, and is always with him?

Star got her name from a large star shaped spot on her back, other than that she has only a few other spots on her body.  She is very playful and friendly, But very emotional and gets upset very easily.