101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Spade

Species: Canine

Shape: Quadrapedic

Breed: German Shepherd/Dalmatian mix

Colors: Black/White/Golden

Eye color(s):Brown

Age: 12 ( in dog years)

Gender: Female





Loves: N/A

  1. 1 Best Friend:







History: She lived the high life alright.  It was her eye-spot that had captured her previous owner's attention.  A spade on a puppy?  That had to be good luck!  Having been bought by a rather hefty and well known Texan gambler, she was carted throughout the country.  Usually staying in the southern states. where gambling was ruthless and as cut throat as it could get, she picked up a delightful southern accent.  Playing as her owner's lucky charm, she was treated with the utmost respect by canines and humans alike.  Nobody touched her, for fear of her owner's wrath.  Then when they headed to Nevada, Las Vegas to be precise, they made a true killing there.  She was fed and pampered almost 24/7' which may account for her heavy weight.  Nevermind that she was a mutt, her mother looked down upon back home, and her father unknown she was a wealthy pet!  Always placed next to her owner's beer during games, she quickly picked up the skills she currently has.  Oh yes, she was more than comfortable, envied by some, hated by quite a few superstitious humans.  She was the 'Good Luck charm' that kept her owner winning.  And then he just stopped winning.  He didn't blame her too much.  But because of the loss of money, she wasn't as pampered as before.  The mutt soon found herself fretting when her master was betting the very last of his poker chips in a game against a rather portly and stupid fellow partnered with a rail-thin, tall, and cunning fellow.  The real doubt began to form in her mind when she, the little good luck pup, was placed on the betting table as a last resort.  And she was won by Horace and Jasper in a poker game.  They had only wanted the money; they had no use for a puppy.  She was obviously a mutt, not even good enough to be sold to a pedigree-seeking human.  So, on their way to Cruella's they threw her onto the farm in a brown bag.  Still in a bit of shock, she tried leaving the farm, but realized she couldn't do that without money.  Or perhap,  it was impossible to leave.   If that was the case then, she was just going to go about gathering what she needed, or wanted from the animals around.  Fair and square in a card game, perhaps?