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Breed: Dalmatian

Gender: Male

Collar: Red

Size: Normal-sized pup (around Lucky's size)

Age: Youngest out of his litter

Appearance: He has black ears, and his eyes are like Lucky's.  He's mostly white, but his paws look like someone threw blobs of black paint on them.  He also has kind of a black smear on his chest. On his back, he has normal Dalmatian spots.  He's also sometimes wears a light blue baseball cap.

Bio: Sloppy is the fun-loving, adventure-seeking pup of his offspring.  He gets his name from his spot pattern and his rather-attrochous eating habbits.  Most of his personality comes from his dad's side of the family, but his kind heart comes from his mom's side.

Voice Actor: Micheal J. Fox


Breed: Dalmatian

Gender: Female

Collar: Blue

Size: A little bigger than Sloppy

Age: She's the middle child

Appearance: She has a standard dalmatian spot pattern, green eyes, but her ears and tail are black with white tips.

Bio: Of all the pups in her offspring, Corey takes the most after her mother.  She's friendly, strong, frequently hungry and always willing to do what her brothersare wanting to do.  Unlike her brothers, she hates taking baths and only takes them when it's really necessary, in other words, she mostly stinks, which would result in something from her dad's side of the family.  She has a crush on Lucky Jr.

Voice Actress: Lauren Tom


Breed: Dalmatian

Gender: Male

Collar: Green

Size: Biggest of his litter (equal to Clayton's size, or maybe bigger)

Age: He's the oldest out of the trio

Appearance: He has white ears, each with two spots on them.  He has a black lightning bolt on his forehead that goes down to in between his eyes.  On both his shoulders, he has a big spot and a little spot.  He also has five spots on his back that if connected would make a pentagram.  He's also the bulkiest of his offspring.

Bio: Burtnik is named after Glen Burtnik, a former member of the band, Styx.  Burtnik's a huge fan of classic rock bands and holds a lot of musical knowledge.  His cool attitude came from Belchic's side, and his height and white ears kind of came from Tippy's side.  He's often a cool guy to hang out with, but when he talks with his friends about anything music-related, he usually gets carried away.  He loves to eat hamburgers.  Despite the fact that he may look pretty rough, he still has a good heart.

Voice Actor: Noel Fisher