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Name: Slayer

Height: 1 foot from the shoulder

Weight: Medium-heavy

Age: About 8 weeks (17-19 in human years)

Description: He's the most brutal dalmatian on the farm.  He's a major head banger and loves hard rock and metal.  His past is kind of sad really he saw his ex girlfriend cheat on him thus scaring him for life and when thinking about that it makes him cry every time.

Likes/Interests: Hard rock metal cars (both types imports or domestics) and being with friends.

Dislikes: Lt. Pug

Friends: Raiden, Sonya, Drake, Star, Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig, Two-Tone, Mooch, Whizzer, Dipstick, Yoj, Luna, Kasey, Jewel, Penny and pretty much everyone on the farm.

Hates: Pug

Loves: Lita and Two-Tone (had always had a crush on her).

Neutral: Everyone else

Appearance: He has blond hair like Kurt Cobain's ACDC lighting bolt shaped spots, a half black half weight tail like Dipstick's 2 gold earrings (1 in each ear) and a spiked collar

Demeanor: Protective/Self-defensive.

Voice Actor: Kid Rock

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