Sirius's Revenge is an upcoming fanfiction centering around Sirius after the Starlight Barking and  Bark of War/Final Game never happened because it was removed from the timeline and Sirius doesn't remember it because his memories were erased of the event except his feeling for Cadpig.  In it Sirius will be helped by two mysterious figures who will be the main villians who will help him make dogs everywhere the new rulers of the universe by rounding up every villian from every world even those who were dead, reformed or even heroes who somtimes act like villians.  Patch will be either an anti hero or anti villian as he swears to protect Penny and Cadpig and destroy his main rival Lucky.  The Heartless will return in this fanfic and so will Henry Nosax even though his memories were erased from the events.  Cadpig will be the main hero in the story along with Lucky and Penny as they team up with many others heroes to stop Sirius, Henry, Patch, the Heartless, and the two mysterious figures from taking over the universe and the Negaverse.

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