101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Simon

Age: Pup

Breed: Dalmatian

Looks: Simon is very small for his age.  He's about the same height as Cadpig but has a black left ear.

Personality: Simon is very friendly with a variety of different animals and dalmatians.  He doesn't seem to really have anyone who actually hates him.  He will always be eager to learn a new game or to make his friends happy when they're sad.  Simon avoids conflict on most occasions and will tend to agree with just about what anyone wants to do or says.  He is very energetic and can be very smart and funny when he wants to be.

Likes: Playing around with Felipe, meeting new friends, hanging around Felipe, Candi, Cadpig, and the others, swimming, playing, making someone laugh

Hates: Anyone who tries to give Felipe a hard time, Anyone who makes fun of him for being Felipe's friends, bullies, People who don't like his friends

Friends: Felipe, Ace, Candi, Blade

Name: Felipe

Age: Kid

Breed: Squirrel

Gender: Male

Personality: Felipe is very kind and loves to make new friends but he will stay away from most dogs because of their natural instincts of course.  But, once he really gets to knows the dog and sees no danger he can really be a great friend that will always have your back no matter what.  Since he is small it is harder but he will always stick up for his friends no matter how much bigger the other animal is.

Likes: Playing Tag, talking with Simon, Hanging out with Simon, making new friends, making people happy.

Friends: Simon