101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Sigurd

Gender: Male

Breed: Dalmatian

Distinguishing characteristics: Large black slotches all over.

Age (dog years): unknown; aging has ceased

Theme Song: Dragula by Rob Zombie

Alliance: Evil

Height: tall (taller than Pongo)

Biography: He is heartless and cruel.  He had a litter with a female, and when the female died of illness soon after he left her.  He later returned to kill his helpless young, leaving only Volkner, and accidently, Amaranth alive.  He later had another litter with another female, who found out about the killings.  He murdered her because she found out, and killed her litter as well, with the exception of Jay.  He was close friends with Astrid's father before his death.  Astrid's father, too, was a wicked dog, and came from a lineage of mages.  He made two cross charms with magical elements to them.  He left one with Jay, and one with Volker.  When he died, the charms would trap him in a dimension between life and death.  He spoke to Jay and Volker through the charms, and posed as a nice guy, but Jay found out what he was really like, and soon so did Volker.

Likes: no one

Dislikes: everyone

Hates: everyone\

Loves: no one