101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Sigma

Species: Skayninian Dog (same as Epsilon)

Shape: Quadrapeic

Gender: Male

Color: Black

Eyes: Normally Blue but can change to green.

Build: Average

Sexuality: Straight

Alignment: Evil

Collar: Viridan

Appearance: While not from Earth, Sigma is a dead ringer for a regular Black Lab pup (just like Epsilon is with a border collie pup).

Abilities: Because of the way dogs developed over the years on his planet, his body is a "living transmitter" capable of sending out signals like Epsilon.  These signals are transmitted thru his eyes and their deployment is signifled with a change in color.  Unlike Epsilon, who had various abilities, Sigma only has the green eye "turn humans into dogs" vision.  He possesses no other abilities  except that he and the other Skayninian dogs are somewhat more durable than a usual dog.

Bio: Sigma is another og of Epsilon's type.  After canines rose up and seized their homeworld of Skayninia from humans by force, he was one of several dogs who joined with Epsilon in attempt to grab control of the planet during the chaos that resulted.  Their power grab failed and Epsilon and all his followers (including Sigma) were forever exiled from the planet under penalty of death and scatterd across the universe.  However, Epsilon located Earth and after an unsuccessful attempt to conquer it solo he sent for reinforcements.  A loyal follower, Sigma gladly answered.

Personality: While Epsilon usually attempts to hide his true motavation until he absoulty has to show it, Sigma would rather "get down to business".  He doesn't like waiting around  and rather quickly cuts to the point.  Combine that with the way he's quick to anger, and it can get him into trouble.

Personal Motto: "Shoot first, ask questions later"

Likes: Victory

Dislikes: Waiting