101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Sen

Shape: Quadrapedic

Breed: Dalmatian

Eye color: Blue

Age: Same as Mimi

Gender: Male

Height: Average

Weight: Lighter than he should be

Friends: Mimi, Cloud, every other who want to be

Loves: Ahah, Mimi

Likes: Almost everyone.  Dreaming, drawing, talking, watching clouds and stars with good company and looking good.

Dislikes: His ex's (like Messy), people who judges others, rain and wind (his fur might get disorderly), immaturity and chocolate.

Personality: Sen is sweet, charming, and kind.  To people he likes.  He easily can make you fall for him without doing anything but being himself.  He gets along with females really well, but males seem to dislike him.  He's a good listener and doesn't mind playing dress up with girls if it makes them happy.  He's kinda girly.  He understands females really well, so that's what makes them like him.  He also likes making others happy, cuz it makes him happy.  He also has a fear of getting fat.  And he's kinda narcissistic about his looks and takes every chance to look at himself in a mirror.

Bio: One of the 99 puppies.  Nothing special to mention.  Messy and Sen were together, but broke up because Messy thought he was too girly.  Well, after relationships there's always after-hating, so is Sen and Messy.  Then Mimi came into the picture and they got along really well, and soon fell for each other.  It tooktime before they got together, since Sen was almost sure that it wouldn't last and that Mimi would start hating him.  But then they got together.

Abilities: He can play guitar and bass quite well and if it counts, he can make others happy.

Ps. He's not so girly on the outside, but inside