101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Prototype Model X (Selene)

Breed: Albino German Shepherd/Cybornized Canine

Gender: Female

Height: 1'4

Weight: 15 Lbs

Birthdate: September 27, 2001

Cybornized: Sepetember 8, 2002

Eye Color: Left: Red/Right: Aqua (Note: Left Eye Looks real, even though it's Bionic

Likes: Everyone

Loves: No-one except his closest Friends

Hates: No One

Fears: Claustrophobia

Personality: Nice, Playful Female.  A bit rough sometimes.

Background: Cybornized when she was a small pup.  She was nearly killed when she fell off of the balcony of her owner's 2 stories house around when she was 14.  She was chosen by a special Technological Goverment Scientist Group when they discovered her.  The were originally going to put her down but she was saved just in time by the scientists.  She was rebuilt back to her normal self.  Unfortunately 70% of her body was Cybornized.  3 of her 4 legs were reconstructed with reinforced Steel.  The other leg was not damaged.  Some of her bones were reconstructed out of strong but lightweight alloy.  Her left eye was replaced with a Robotic Eye, which has Thermal, Nightvision, and Xray Functions.  When she was finished she was given to a Kennel, which later she escaped from and ran away.  She soon reached the Dearly Farm andn she decided to stay, since she had no home.  Now she lives among the other puppies, but without sticking out of the crowd.

Accesssories: A special High-Tech Computerized Collarwhich gives her the Shapeshifting ability.