101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Selena

Gender: Female

Breed: Dalmatian

Eyes: Brown


Height: A little shorter than Volkner

Appearance: She looks kinda normal really, nothing exceptional about her, cept for a whole bunch of spots together on her left shoulder.

Description: She has powers.  One of her powers, and her main power is that she can steal the power, well sample them, so to speak, depending on how long she has touched, said person for, powers as well as thoughts, anything that's in the brain, so to speak, she can find out the past of one person by touching them.  Good thing is, she can control the power to her own will, unlike Rouge.  Her other power is seeing into the future, but one she doesn't even tend to use a lot, more or less rarely she uses that power.  Oh yeah, and she likes Volkner too.

Likes: Volkner

Dislikes: No one

Friends: No one

Enemies: No one

Loves: Volkner