101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Scythe

Breed: Black Lab

Age: Unknown, but appears older than the other pups.

Eyes: Green

Sex: Male

Description: A scientific experiment, Scythe was created in a lab as the canine incarnate of Death.  Able to see the presence of spirits and pass beyond the borders of life, Scythe is truly unique.  His body is covered in blood red markings, which make it diffcult for him to go unseen, so he rarely appears during the day, preferring to sleep.  His overall appearance may cause most to avoid him, and his night-owl ways set him further apart from the other pups and dogs that call the Dearly Farm home.  Seeking to be considered normal, he will seldom use the gifts he was given unless a situation calls for it.  Having escaped the lab where he was bred, and created, Scythe has travelled far to avoid detection.  Choosing to hide in a sea of spots, where he feels most comfortable, trying to live a 'normal' life as a pup, since he never had a childhood himself..  Is content to be alone, knowing what he is, but he will not stop attempts to make friends.  He seeks similar canines to himself, primarily those that are not 'normal' by typical standards.  Not one to cross, or try and mess with ( Outside of joking with friends), as it could very well be the last thingyou do.

Do not judge his outward appearance , or the tone of his voice.  He is a kind and devoted indivdual, that only seeks a life, and wants to know what 'family' is.

Likes: Drake




Theme Song: In The Air Tonight-Non Point-or-Otherworld-Final Fantasy X

Character-Role: Good/Neutral