101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Scooter

Collar: Blue

Pendant: Wheel

Ears: Spotted

Appearance: One large spot on his back.  Looks similar to Rolly, but skinny.

Acsessory: Sock (Yellow)

Friends: Domino, Little Dipper, Oddball, Lucky Jr., Beyonca.

Enemies: LePelt, Lt. Drooler, Chomp's gang, Cruella.

Romance: Beyonca

Scooter is a very friendly pup.  Though low in IQ, he makes up more of his brains with love.  He likes to vist his grandparents on the farm.  He also likes to vist auntie Two-Tone and uncle Lucky.  He has a very high crush on Beyonca.  His voice actor is Sean Marquette ( Mac in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends).