101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Sandal Dearly

Species: False Map Turtle

Gender: Male

Looks: Just like a normal turtle of his species.  He is a rather large adult.

Personality: Sandal is very laied back.  Like the majority of his species, he enjoys basking very much.  He eats fish, which he grabs from underneath.  When the pups and other animals come down to Hiccup Hole he is always there to talk to.  His number one best friend is Otis, seeing as they both live in Hiccup Hole.  He dislikes Lucy, and often teases her.

Background: He used to belong to Roger, and lived in a tank, but Cruella got angry when Sandal bit her once when she put her hand into his tank, so she plucked him out and released him into Hiccup Hole.  This was also because she was trying to upset Roger.  Roger doesn't know that Sandal is still alive, he thinks that he must have got out and got himself killed.