101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Russ "Coment" Vandercream

Shape: Quadrapedic

Breed: Dalmatian

Colors: Black/White

Eye color: Right eye (light brown) Left eye ( light blue

Age: 2 (dog years)

Gender: Male

Height: 8 inches

Weight: 6lbs

Description: Russ is the youngest one in the family of 1 brother and 2 sisters (Rocket his older brother & Rachel also older sister and twin sister April) his parents the Vandercreams Coco and Beamer Vandercream.  Russ got one white ear and one spotted ear, also he got long front spike hair that cover his right ear.  His collar is made from the finest Swiss Watch band and his platinum dog tags.

Likes: His cousin the other 99 pups

Loves: A cute golden retriever named Jessica (from his puppy hood)

Hates: The ones that piss him off

  1. 1 Best Friend: Fidget and his brothers and sister

Information: He's the wild one in the family and being a twin with Racheal is hard for him, one twin \a boy and the other twin is a girl.

Goal: To be top of his game