101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Roro

Species: Dog (Dalmatian)

Gender: Female

Age: Puppy

Eyes: Dark purple

Collar: Black

Alliance: Evil

Roro is, to be blunt, cruel and heartless.  She hardly has any friends, except for the Heartbreakers.  She always turns down dates to the four-legged balls, because she thinks love is a waste of time.  The Heartbreakers are the only pups she is nice to, and unlike her birth sister Dana, she hates everyone else, even her step-parents, Pongo and Perdita.  She tries anything to get rid of them, including tricking them to go to the pound, giving them to Cruella, and tricking them to leave Grutely by saying that a new Kanine Krunchies plant opened up in another state.  But her plans backfire one way or another.  She has one white ear , one black, a spot near her tail shaped like a skull (the rest are random), and long light blond (lighter than Jenny's) hair, but she dyes it black sometimes.

Friends: The Heartbreakers (belongs to them ), Tac and every other villian.

Enemies: Everyone else

Likes: Being evil, scaring the heck out of Lydia and Oscar, planning evil plans

Dislikes: Julia acting tough around her, romance, cute TV shows with minor violence lije Pokemon, Powerpuff Girls, ans Sailor Moon (mainly the English adaptation), anything sweet and cuddley.

Voice Actress: Sarah Lafleur ( Sailor Uranus in Sailor Moon0