101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: None in particular but he calls himself Robert.

Species: Canis familiaris aka canine.

Shape: Quadrapedic or biped, depends.

Breed: Dalmatian.

Eye Color: Blue.

Age: 15 (dog years).

Gender: Male

Height: Normal height.

Weight: Normal.

Intelligenge:Somewhat above average.

Description: He looks like any Dalmatian.  The only difference is that he has blue eyes.  Big blue eyes.  Looking at them is like looking into a void.  Cold, merciless, heartless.  He is always smiling.  He is incapable of showing any other emotion.  Somewhat insane but capable of everyday functions.\

Information: His family was killed by cats when he was young.  Forced to live on the streets, he was bullied and abused by alley cats for most of his life.  He swore vengeance since then.  He has one and only one ability: He can change any ideal into reality. For example: He can blow special bubbles that can control gravity.  Red bubbles increase weight of objects inside them.  Blue bubbles cause the object it envelops to float.  There is one drawback, everytime he uses this power, it shortens his life, depending on the magnitude of the wish.  Hence, he does not use it unnecesssarity.  He usually roams about in the city, looking for more victims.  Has very few friends.  Not to be underestimated.

Goal: The elimination of all cats on the planet and anyone who stops him, friend or foe, dog, cat, or human.

Name: Eve.

Species: Canine.

Shape: Same as Robert.

Breed: Labrador Retriever.

Color: Black.

Eye color: Bright red.

Age: 15 (dog years).

Gender: Female.

Height: Normal height.

Weight: Normal.

Intelligence: Somewhat above average.

Description: Eve looks like any Labrador Retriever.  She is soft-spoken but has never been seen smiling.  Her face is always 'neutral'.  She is perfectly sane and usually thought to be harmless. Eve is not related to Robert or any of the Dalmatians.

Information: Eve was another human project, involving nano-machines.  She has the ability to change her body parts into virtually anything, from blades to wings that sprout out of her back when need be.  It is unknown if she was a product of a similar project that gave birth to Rip.  It is unknown where she came from too.  Her abilities make her formidable in melee combat but she usually dosen't fight.  She was rescued by a CANIS (Q's former organzation) team, comprising Q and a few colleagues, after she was completed.  In fact, she's rarely seen around as she keeps a low profile.  Will help and fight if the need arises, however.  Also has a photographic memory, thanks to the nano-machines.  She is, however, vulnerable to Electro-Magnetic Pulses and nano-tech scramblers.  Is loyal to CANIS and sometimes take part in missions with Q.

Goal: None, just taking life as it comes.