101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Robert (Rob)

Species: Canine (Dalmatian)

Age 17 (dog years)

Height: Average

Weight: Average

Good/Evil: Somewhat evil

Size: Average

Eye color: Black

Spot Color: Black

Fur color: White

Crush on: Diana

Personality: A somewhat cruel, evil pup.  He picks on the weaker pups on the farm.  He wants to join the Heartbreakers, mostly to join Diana, his secret crush, but is somewhat fearful because he won't know if he would be accepted or not.

Spot Pattern: He's heavily spotted from the mid-torso down.  His right hind leg is complety black with only 1 big blot on it.  His whole tail is black, his left hind paw is black, he has a giant spot on his right ear, and his left ear is black.  His front legs have 3 spots on both of them.

Voice: Actor: Jason Statham