101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Roadhouse

Breed: Dalmatian dog

Type: Quadrapedic

Gender: Male

Demeanor: Heroic

Size: Standard, identical to Lucky

Appearance: He wears a deep midnight blue collar

Likes: Keeping Order, Patrick Swayze movies, Jeff Healey music, Mercedes-Bentz cars

Hates: Folks who want to start something, Road House 2: Last Call

Loves: Has a crush on Stealth but is smart enough not to follow through on it unless she ever truley reformed.  Despite his secret crush he'll cut her no slack if she tries to cause trouble.

Friends: Most of the pups who organize events

Talents: Fighting, skilled at psychological warfare, easily outwits most foes.

Bio: Roadhouse is the farm's bouncer.  Whenever there is a big event, like the ever so frequent barn dances, Roadhouse is the one in charge of keeping order.  His main role is as the farm's "cooler", if problems start to arise at any of those events it's his job to assure they "cool down" and don't escalate and if they don't then it's his other role as bouncer to kick some ass and restore order, he's effective at doing both positions.  In addition to doing the barn dances and other events, his ability to perform his duties has been good enough to even have Swamp Rat hire him for some of his bigger nights.  Despite his average size, Roadhouse is one of the strongest pups on the farm, he cand hold his own even against bigger pups like Yuri or Duke.  Even if unable to beat someone in a fight, he'll glady drug a troublemaker, using vet meds aquired from Walker, to assure things end.  Roadhouse is quite fond of Patrick Swayze movies and has seen his namesake film more times than anyone can count.  Based on Swayze's character "Dalton" in that movie (who he considers his hero), Roadhouse has taken to reading books on philosophy.  He also taught himself the proper way to rip someone's throat out if it ever came to that but hasn't needed to yet from that movie.

Personal Motto: "Mess with me and the time for dancing is over, things will however still get dirty."