101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Razz

Species: Dalmatian

Sex: Male

Fur Color: White and Black(Some razzbery stains stuck to his fur)

Eye Color: Black

Collar: Red (Razzberry stains on it)

Size: Same size as Whizzer

Personality: Razz is a crazed razzberry dog he tends to eat razzberries 24/7.  Razz's best friend is Doofus and they like to cause mischief around the farm with their leader Rapheal.  Razz sometimes feels like he never has a lot of friends.  Razz and Doofus will pull pranks if their leader isn't around but it turns into a big disater.

Best Friends: Doofus, Rapheal

Friends: Leonard, Curse, Snoozy, Cash, Column, Maria

Rivals: N/A

Enemies: Dare, Dotty, Paws, Rose, Nosy, Houndsot, Mystery, Aerora

Name: Leonard

Species: Sheepdog

Sex: Male

Fur Color: Golden Brown

Eye Color: Black

Collar: Sky Blue

Personality: Leonard is a small pup who is learning from his father how to chase foxes away.  Leonard sometimes visits the 101 Dalmatians in Dearly Farm.  Leonard hangs with Dare and his friends a lot because he saw Razz in a sad mood but Razz gave 3 challenges to Leonard to see if he belongs here.  And Leonard passed them but then Razz said sorry for making him do those.  Leonard forgave him and they became friends.  Leonard is a very nice sheepdog who protects a little sheep named Mable in his farm.

Best Friends: Dare, Dotty, Paws, Nosy, Maria, Einstein, Razz

Friends: Retriver, Shamrock, Princess, Splosh, Doofus

Rivals: Hare and Tempo

Enemies: Tempo the Wolf