101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Rainstorm

Gender: Female

Collar: Lavender

Pendant: Storm cloud with lighting bolt.

Eyes: Black

Acsessory: Red booties

Appearance: 2 white ears , the only spots she has are 2 at the roof of her mouth, the rest resemble raindrops on her back.  Her tail is similar to her uncle Dipstick.

Romance: Domino

Parents: Nuke and Jewel

Friends: Chomp, Domino, Oddball, Little Dipper ( at some points), Dinko, Pirate, Beyonca, Lucky Jr.

Enemies: LePelt, Cruella, Lt. Drooler, Little Dipper (at some points).

Rainstorm is the only female member in Chomp's gang.  She can be very nice, until she gets annoyed.  She once had a crush on Chomp, but she liked Domino better.  She is also best friends with Beyonca.  Her voice actor is Jodi Benson.