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Rachael is a dalmatian, she was born on the bad side of Tops Town and an orphan, but she was raised in an orphanage, no one know how her parents died, but one day Fidget took her back to the Dearly Farm and the Dearlys made her in as one of their own. She does karate and is very powerful. She frequently gets angey at Fidget and has thrashed around hard objects, but she forgives him. Also she has a crush on Fidget (if it wasn't for Fidget for getting her out of a jam and she would never have this love for Fidget.)

Distinctive Info: She has one black ear and the other a spotted ear, multiple ordinary spots everywhere else, Left eye brown and on the right eye blue, sliver collar, black nose, she like her hair up in a double ponytails, she like having a pair of googles on her head, plenty of books (yes she also loves to read) and street smarts, she loves to fight right beside Fidget, she has a slender beautiful body like Jewel's, altitude like Lucky, same height as Penny, but she has the same fighting style as her boy friend Fidget.

Boy Friend: Fidget

Her Friends: Two-Tone, Cadpig, Spot, Rolly, Lucky, Patch, Tripod, Jewel, Penny and others.

Dislikes: Others trying to piss her off, Mooch, and Lt. Pug for kicking her out of the Bark Brigade.