101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Q (real name (only known to his parents and Spot): Question)

Sex: Male


Age: 4 weeks

Intelligence: Advanced Multi-step thinkal, equal to  (or maybe more intelligent than) Tic-Tac

Physical abilities: Somewhat higer than average

Description: His spots on his back form a "?".  He looks somewhat like Cadpig but is better proportioned.  Sometimes wears glasses.  Always seen with a bubble pipe.  Also almost always wears an overcoat except when undercover.

Abilities: Whereas Cadpig is a master of Psychology and Psychonanalysis, he is a master of Logic, Scientific Reasoning, and Deduction.  He is also a good chess player.  Also a master of diguises.  Possesses detailed knowledge of chemistry, anatomy, and medicine.

Lineage: Pongo and Perdita (same gene pool as Cadpig).  He does not appear often because he is usually on Bark Brigade missions as a consultant or independent agent.

History: Has sometimes helped Pullet Marlow on very different cases.  Authorized to use non-lethal force by Bark Brigade Command.

Weakness: 3 letters OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Obsessess over his hats in particular.  Every hat in his closet is filed away in alphabetical order and day to wear (ie 1 for Monday, 1 for Tuesday).  If the order gets disturbed, he gets very annoyed.  Same goes for overcoats.  Also has a weakness for Japanese food.

Location: Classified but is known to be on the Dearly Farm and underground.

Favorite Weapon:  a giant cannon that fits on his arm called the 'Kurogane'.  It is based on a weapon from the Japanese anime 'The Law of Ueki' which he loves to watch.  Fires extremely large cannon ball at opponent and decimates any obstacle in it's way.  Also likes to used silenced dart pistols.