101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Pyro

Gender: Male

Breed: Dragon

Eyes: Blue

Age: Same age as a younger dragon, like Ember's age

Height: Same as Ember

Appearance: Like Ember, he too is a dragon, but his, scales, so to speak, are red instead of pink.

Description: He's pretty nice actually, likes to hang out with Ember, who's like his best friend, and vice versa.  The two of them, lead by Pyro, would go into a cave to go and get Goblin Berries from the local Goblins, so to speak.  He's not afraid of them unlike Ember though.  Problem is that only the Goglins know how to make the Goblin Berries, which is why they take them and the two of them, apart from Goblins, are the only ones who really likes the Goblin Berries.  He arrived in the Human Realm later on than Ember, cause he ended up getting jealous that she was out exploring.  And like Ember, he too can't fly yet.

Likes: Exploring quite a bit, annoying Goblins and eating the Goblin Berries as well as hanging out with Ember.

Dislikes: Dancing (He's not very good at it)

Enemies: Goblins in general

Loves: No one