101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Purge

Gender: Male

Breed: Dalmatian

Eyes: Green

Age: About the same as the other pups

Height: Same height as the others

Appearance: Looks like your everday Dalmatian, well, all except for a black spot on his throat, a single black spot that covers all of his throat area.

Description: An experiment from the same lab that Frenzy had come from.  He finds enjoyment in fighting Frenzy because of his own power to sprout tentacles from his body, up to at least a maximum of four.  Their resach is sort of far too, not too far, at least a couple of feet.  His other power which he hardly ever uses is super strength. He is evil too, and smart in a manner of speaking, not Tac smart, but still smart.  However, his motives and all are unknown, and yes, he does kill others too via his tentacles.  And what's more, he is able to use his tentacles to climb buildings and other structures, pick up things and throw them, launch himself over a charging opponent, etc, etc. (a la Doc Ock)

Likes: Fighting Frenzy as well as bringing anyone down to their knees, so to speak that part is all complicated with what he wants.

Dislikes: Frenzy

Friends: No one

Enemies: Mainly Frenzy, as he finds enjoyment in fighting him

Loves: No one

Gosal(s): To watch the world burn, as he doesn't want anything in particular in the end (a la Joker on "The Dark Knight").