101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Puffy

Gender: Male

Species: Dog

Breed: Dalmatian

Age: Teen (Young Adult)

Eye color: Sea green-blue

Collar: Red

Sexuality: Straight:

Life Story: Puffy is unique in that's he's not one of the original 15 pups nor the 84 kidnapped ones, but instead was born on a breeder's property to caring but somewhat aloof/navie parents who pretty much let him and his nine siblings do whatever they wanted.  After eleven weeks at the breeder's he was adopted by a young couple who live in the country side not far from Grutely.  His new owners are very passionate fans of rock music and thus have had Puffy 'styled' to resemble a rockstar pup; this included dying his hair lime green and putting gold and sliver (later black) earrings on his ears and a lightining-shaped mark over his left eye.  By chance the rocker couple happened to be friends with the Dearlys and on one visit to the farm brought Puffy with them, he was awe struck by how so many dalmatian puppies could live in one place and after some thought and hesitation managed to make a few friends like Nuke, Kit, Clayton, Hesso, Oddy, and Drake.  Puffy soon devevloped a liking for the farm and when he discovered it was only a few blocks from his owner's house made his habit to visit as often as possible.  It was on one of these visits that he met a young, beautiful husky by the name of Clover, who would soon become the love of his life.

Specific Traits/Features: Puffy has a pudgy/slightly-athletic build and is around the same height as Lucky.  What immedialty stands out about him is his "rockstar" looks, mainly his lime green hair, lightining bolt markings on left eye and ear, black star marks on his knees, and a black skull shape spot pattern on his back.  He wears one gold and one black (formerly silver) earring on each ear and both his front paws are black.

Personality: At first Puffy was a bit shy and unsure of himself being around so many pups and would thus keep to himself whenever he was there.  Eventually he began to warm up to the others and soon had a few friends like those mentioned above.  He is out going and friendly and slow to anger; if something drama-inducing occurs or somebody's annoying him his first reaction is usually to walk away without saying a word.  Only rarely will he tell them they're being and/or acting stupid and then normally in a polite manner.