101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Portia

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Species: Dalmatian

Eye color: Right eye is red, left eye is purple (Yes purple)

Spot Pattern: Black ears, a large spot over the right side of her face, around her eye, the tip of her tail is black, one on her left front paw and one of her bottom right paw.

Bio: Born a long ways from the farm, she was regarded in her area as a princess of sorts.  She has the ability to summon creatures you could only imagine.  It's hereditary, but the gene is only active in 1 of every 20 members of the family.  Overall, she's kind natured and very polite.  Her courtesy could be considered a curse at times.

Creatures she can summon:

Phoenix ( a fire bird)\

Skeletal Dragon (an undead dragon with no skin or organs)

Kasha (a catlike spirit that controls dead corpses)

Ikiryo ( a mysterious ice sprit that causes a steep temperature drop)

Bakeneko: (a shapeshifting cat)

Mizuchi: ( a water dragon)

Cerberus: (a three headed dog) and more.