101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Phillip

Gender: Male

Breed: Dalmatian

Age: Puppy

Eye color: Brown

Height: Like a stander puppy (like Lucky, for example)

Weight: Standard Puppy

Collar: Blue

Description: He has got complety white ears and dosen't have many spots.  He's not very different than the standard designs of the puppies in the movies. He's one of the 84 puppies.

His story is based on 101 Dalamtians 2

Phillip is a sweet and native puppy who, oppositely at his other siblings, admires Lil Lighting.  Nevertheless he suffered a strong trauma when he and his siblings were captured by Cruella for the second time, and Lighting didn't help them, and admited his plot at Thunderbolt in front of all the puppies.  During several day Phillip was totally confused and depressed.  Finally Lighting was regreting of all, and after to as for a pardon at Thunderbolt, he goes to the Dearly Farm to get the pardon of the puppies,  Only then Phillip can smile again (and they become friends).