101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Phantom

Breed: Dalmatian

Type: Dog

Gender: Male

Size: Average size

Appearance: He wears a mask to cover his face, the same mask from The Phantom of the Opera he found it in a bin outside a dress-up shop and one reason he wears it was cause he was caught in a fire which burned part of his face, coincidence? Could be

Likes: No one

Hates: Anyone who disobeys what he wants done in a play/musical or anything like that

Loves: Celeste

Bio: He was seriously burned in a fire which had scarred his face, so he managed to find a mask and took up the name Phantom, cause he doesn't want anyone to know who he really is, bu why is what he believes.  Soon enough though, he had come to the farm in search of a refuge, sure, he didn't really want to stay there, but so far, he didn't have much of a choice where most people don't even realize he's around half the time and only refeer to him by the namen Phantom, since they don't know his real name.  Whenever a play or muscial or anything is put on, he would send notes telling them what he would want in it, and if they were to refuse, he would also tell in the note that there would be misfortune among everyone.