101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki


Breed: Corgi

Fur: Totally black, except white chest fur, paws and a white line for lack of a better word going down his muzzle

Eyes: Red

Info: Basically, he is the suppressed evil within Clockwork incarnated.  He can do anything Clockwork can; Go forward/backward in time, freeze time, alter time, etc.  He is, like I said, the evil within Clockwork.  Instead of using two kama chained together, however, he just uses an unwieldy huge sycthe with a small hourglass at the base.

Motives: He thinks he is the rightful father time, and such wants to eliminate his competition(Clockwork) or at least get in his way in any way possible.

Alastor and Ifrit


Breed: German Shepherd

Fur: Black/brown mix

Eyes: White (yes white.  They kind of have a hint of blue though)


Breed: German Shepherd

Fur: Black/brown

Eyes: Orange

Info: Alastor and Ifrit are twins.  They are to Pendulum what Yoshi and Kuni are to Clockwork -servants if you will.  Always lending a helping hand to their "master".  Ifrit can generate fire around him, but cannot control it.  Alastor can shoot lightning.  Neato.