101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Orville

Species: Mephitidate

Shape: Quadrapedic

Breed: Skunk

Colors: Black w/white stripes

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 14 (skunk years)

Gender: Male

Height: 1'0

Weight: 2 lbs

Special ability: Strength, Musk

Weight classification: Lightweight

Demeanor: Self-defensive

Alignment: Heroic

Background: Orville was originally a drifter with no real goal in life.  It soon changed once he wandered onto Cruella's yard and crossed paths with Vendella and Scorch.  Together, they deceived him into a trap set by Cruella.  While in the middle of a new plot to seize Dearly Farm, Cruella had noticed him inside a trap.  She was not immediately pleased with the fact she captured a skunk, but thought to make the best of a bad situation-she'd use his musk in a scheme to usurp Dearly Farm.  Afterwards, she's make him into a hat.  Fortunatley, Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly, Two-Tone, Jewel, Patch, Roxy and Sanka were on the case.  They agreed that no one deserves death at Cruella's hands and together, they foiled her new plot and freed him.  He initally didn't have much of a name (skunks are raised entirely by their moms, and his mom is dead(, but once he happened to taste some popcorn that was in the trash, he was hooked on it.  Together, the heroes agreed on his offical name: Orville.  Feeling like he now has a debt to pay, he pledged himself to the heroic pups.  Now he has a purpose in life, and an offical home on the farm.  He feels he can be a long-range weapon in the fight against Cruella and the Heartbreaker gang.

Appearance: Regular looking skunk.

Notes: Orville has musk that his body produces.  In the event of a threat, he will use his musk to spray an attacker.  He can fire a total of eight musk shots, afterwards he needs to recharge.  And despite his size, he's pretty strong

Voice Actor: Jess Harnell