101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name Orkan (German for Hurricane)

Sex: Male

Species: Common Raven

Age: 3 years

Feather Color: dark blue/purple tint

Eye Color: Black

Likes: Everyone on the farm

Loves: N/A

Enemy/ies: N/A

Accent: German

Description: A nice friendly raven who hangs around the farm.  He tends to be moving in different places frequently.  He's been on the farm for a year so far.  Sometimes here and there he tends to help some of the pups and other animals on the farm with the small tasks that they need.  He has a weird knack  to 'collect' the pup's collars since he's attracted to their unique colors, along with shiny objects.  He has a small nest on one of the haybales in the barn on the top floor he doesn't mind sharing the space with the others.

Accessories: None