101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Oni

Breed: Monkey

Age: Unknown

Eyes: Brown

Sex: Male

Description: A monkey that has managed to yeild magical abilities by unknown means, as in, no one knows how he had come accross the abilities or not.  He also weilds a staff too, cause it makes him look cool.  He's a mysterious character, but is rather friendly indeed, a good guy, but spends most of his time meditating or studying more about the magical abilities and all that.  However, if one to approach him, he would not hessitate to talk to them or anything like that.

Appearance: He's a monkey for starters who either walks on all fours, or if holding his staff, would walk, using it much like a walking stick.





So far, there is no one that he likes, nor dislikes, so that is all open/

How he ended up on/near the farm: Basically, he was more or less traveling around until he had come across the farm, to where Cruella was trying out one of her schemes to take over the farm, that was until Oni used a spell to counter what it was doing; causing Cruella's plan to fail completely.  Afterward he had headed off until a small walk away, he had found a tree, a rather large/wide one, and hollow too, where he had made his home and now, spends, most of his time there, but would , at times, head to the farm to have a check up or so on what the others are doing.