101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Omega X

Sex: Unknown, reffered to as a male

Species: Machine/Chimera/Dalmatian

Age: N/A

Eye: Color: Black

Likes: N/A

Loves: N/A

Enemies: All

Description: Created as a super-weapon, taking the DNA of the most skilled and deadliest fighters, to become the most powerful and dangerous creation created.  It has the DNA of Drake, Kraven, Valria, Vincent, Scythe, Oddy, Frenzt, Carnage, Rip and Clover as well as parts from Diablo too, but more advanced, including the power to shapeshift.  A Dalmatian is one of it's main forms along side the Chimera in some situations too, but it also uses other forms at times too.  However, if it were to come to the farm, it would remain in an animal form, most likey a Dalmatian to remain pretty much, undetectable.  And yes it has a voicebox too, to be able to talk in a male voice.  Its power though, is rather dangerous , and is near impossible to phase it in attacks, but can damage it though, but does take quite an extraordinary amount of power to damage it.  Other than a shapeshifting power, it also has the power to teleport, turning invisble too are among some of the powerrs it contains.  But the good thing is that it does very rarely remain on the farm, but if it were to be on the farm, lives would pretty much be in danger.